Builtco VIP Program

Builtco's Signature Program

Builtco is known for our VIP program. Some behaviorial experts believe a bad habit can be broken or a good habit formed in 28 days. At Builtco, we know that in 28 days we can help you do either. Our four week VIP program is for the individual who is ready to commit to a life changing experience and a body changing physique.  This program is available for begginers or advanced athletes. We develop the perfect program tailored for your goals based on the following assessments: 

  • Individual fitness – every potential client undergoes a fitness assessment to measure current weight, body fat, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, current muscle mass, maximum heartrate and fat burning heart rate range.
  • Personal lifestyle – every potential client will complete a confidential  questionnaire giving insight to lifestyle as it relates to family, work, social activities, prior exercise and diet history, current physique and health goals.
  • Interview  and program development – every potential client meets with our program  development (PD) coach to go over the above assessments and discuss what strategies and tools will be involved to achieve the goals desired.  The PD coach will lay out a preliminary program schedule and timeline to see if the client can commit to that. This program will include diet, supplements, cardio, and recovery strategies listed in a schedule form  with every detail involved from waking up until going to bed.

These assessments guide us in creating a solid program tailored for your physique goals and lifestyle. When you sign on with Builtco you not only become a part of our community but also a part of our brand. We will tell you up front what it will take for you to be successful so you make an informed decision about your commitment. 

Your VIP four week program includes:

  • Initial lifestyle and physical assessment
  • VIP Membership to Builtco
  • All personal training sessions needed to achieve each client’s goals
  • All meals for each client’s program prepared fresh and delivered twice weekly conveniently packaged for the client
  • All prescribed supplements to achieve each client’s goals
  • A customized program including all macronutrient based meals, supplements, fat loss and recovery strategies for each day on program built around client’s schedule
  • All body composition analysis tests to track and monitor progress
  • Direct access starting at the beginning of the program to an electronic file of all workouts, written programs, weekly progress reports, all program updates and notes
  • Daily accountability, priority text and phone guidance from training team
  • Confidential before and after photos
  •  Private personal locker
  • Complimentary towel service
  • Priority scheduling and no penalty three-hour cancellation notice
  • 20% off Builtco products

VIP Membership

During your VIP program you will have a full complimentary membership to our first class, state of the art facility with every amenity you need to be successful in your program - nationally accredited trainers, custom built strength equipment, top of the line cardio equipment, delicious smoothie bar and healthy, custom meals, complimentary towel service. As a VIP member you will also recieve 20% off all Builtco products and supplements.  

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment and consultation with Miguel!