Finally a course to teach you the other 80% you need to achieve 100% of your fitness goals!

Coaching clients from Dubai to Dallas…fitness coach, nutritionist, health entrepreneur and IFBB Pro athlete Miguel Martinez, has helped hundreds to achieve their dream physique.  This live three-hour course led by Miguel will teach you the 80% you need so you can achieve 100% of your fitness goals.  You will leave this working course with your very own personal, tailored program in hand including your nutrition, supplement, accountability and recovery strategies to help you achieve 100% of your physique goals!  You will also learn how all the components in your plan help you to achieve your goals.  Stop wasting time and money on gym memberships, exercise classes, personal trainers, online apps, diet foods and health supplements until you learn the 80% you need to start getting real results for you!

Your F80 course includes:

  • Professional body composition testing including body fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and body measurements.
  • How to determine your personal goals based on your current body composition and a timeframe to achieve those goals.
  • Learning what would be the appropriate diet program for you based on your body composition and goals.
  • Learning what would be the appropriate exercise regimen for you to achieve your goals.
  • A written and complete personal F80 program built around your lifestyle and goals with accountability strategies to motivate and help you achieve your goals.
  • How to communicate more effectively with fitness professionals.
  • Understanding the appropriate supplements to assist you in reaching your goals.
  • Understanding what positive and negative changes to look for as your body adapts to your new fitness program.
  • Learning how to stay disciplined and handle family, friends, co-workers and peer pressure while on a program.
  • Learning the correct ways to be flexible on a program while attending social activities.
  • How to transition back to a “normal” life of eating and sustain your new physique after achieving your goals!

Dallas Dates Sept 20 and 21 are closed.


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