This 45-minute team interval training class coached by IFBB Pro Athlete Miguel Martinez will motivate and unleash your inner fitness spirit to come out, burn fat, build lean muscle and become healthier and fit!  This program is also an educational course helping you understand your current body composition and what strategies you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Join us in a team motivation environment for a mixture of fat burning, muscle conditioning exercises alternating between weights, bands and body weight that will improve your strength, mobility and coordination while shaping and defining your physique! Whatever your skill level or goals, Miguel can tailor the intensity of each exercise to your goal in a supportive atmosphere with others looking to improve their health and accomplish their fitness goals.  

Four Week Minimum Registration


Limited to 20 registrations per class

Your four week program includes:

  • All GTS 45-minute group workouts Monday - Thursday for four weeks led by Miguel (16 workouts).
  • Professional body composition testing including body fat mass, muscle mass, total body water and basal metabolic rate.
  • A lifestyle, health and fitness assessment to help you determine your personal goals based on your current body composition, health or fitness issues and lifestyle challenges. 
  • A complete program tailored for you including diet and supplement recommendations using all the information gathered in the above bullet points written in an easy-to-follow format.
  • Two additional body composition tests at week 2 and 4 to measure progress.
  • Weekly giveaways from local health and fitness businesses.

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All Are Created Equal.  

Some Are Just Built Better.

Miguel Salazar Martinez

Dallas, Texas 75206, United States

(214) 471-3081