Training Programs “Someone who is busier than you is working out right now”

All programs begin with a consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve. An analysis is done involving your commitments with regard to career, home, social and other activities. An evaluation of your past exercise history is assessed. Your body type is determined and then a workout, meal, supplement and recovery program is specifically developed for you to achieve your goals. We revisit this plan on a weekly basis to make adjustments as needed.

Personal Training Packages

# of Sessions Rate Length of Program
10 sessions $1,500 approx. 3-4 week training program
20 sessions $2,500 approx. 4-6 week training program
30 sessions $3,500 approx. 6-8 week training program
50 sessions $5,500 approx. 10-12 week training program
70 sessions $7,000 approx. 16-18 week training program
VIP Monthly $3,450 per month Includes Training Sessions & Meals. See details

One Hour of training or coaching $200

Schedule a workout and/or information session with Miguel Martinez IFBB Pro or any of Builtco’s training staff to demonstrate exercises or ask questions that would be helpful to you in your current fitness, nutrition, cardio and/or supplement program.  We also offer coaching in body image issues.  You will leave the hour long session with all information written out and in hand before you leave.

VIP Training Program $3,450

This comprehensive program includes all training sessions, food and gym membership and is limited to individuals who pass an initial interview process and are ready to make this program a commitment and attend a minimum of three training sessions per week. Click here for more information about our VIP plan.

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