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    Whether you are a novice in the gym looking to understand and build your body, an executive with multiple distractions and changing priorities or a top competitor searching for the winning edge, Miguel will motivate you to focus, concentrate and commit to improving your physique and helping you achieve your best potential.

    Despite being an Entrepreneur, IFBB Pro Athlete, Motivational Coach, Certified Behavioral Facilitator, Writer, Dog Lover, fitness and age management have always been a passion of his and the backbone of any investment he explores. Miguel’s diverse business and personal experience gives him an unparalleled ability to empathize and lead as a coach in fitness and age management.

    Miguel’s programs are built around the individual and their goals using the latest techniques and proven strategies in dynamic strength training, bodybuilding, interval training, body circuit training and aerobic training. Individual programs are custom developed for each client including strategies and techniques for diet, cardio, effective supplementation and recovery including macronutrient health, hormone management, vitamin deficiency management, supplement education and target zone fat loss management. Miguel’s workouts always incorporate sculpting, strengthening and defining each muscle to develop a well-proportioned, signature “BuiltByMiguel” physique.

    Available Programs

    Private Six-Week Concierge Program 

    Includes all training, supplements, meals, 

    gym membership & private reserved locker

     $4995 total for one person

    Semi Private Six-Week Concierge Program 

    Includes all training, supplements, meals, 

    gym membership & private reserved locker

    $5995 total for two people

    Team Six-Week VIP Concierge Program 

    Includes all training, supplements, 

    meals and gym membership

    (only available at noon and 4pm)

    $8995 total for four people

    Six Weeks of Private Training sessions

    $3,600 (24 sessions)

    Each VIP Program Includes:

    • VIP Membership to Builtco
    • All personal training sessions needed to achieve each client’s goals
    • All meals for each client’s program prepared fresh and delivered twice weekly conveniently packaged for the client
    • All prescribed supplements to achieve each client’s goals
    • A customized program including all macronutrient based meals, supplements, fat loss and recovery strategies for each day on program built around client’s schedule
    • All body composition analysis tests to track and monitor progress
    • A complete electronic file of all your workouts, written programs, weekly progress reports, all program updates and trainer notes
    • Private and Semi-private programs include a private reserved locker

    The VIP program is individually built for each client using these assessments: 

    • Individual fitness assessment to measure current weight, body fat, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, current muscle mass, maximum heartrate and target heart rate range for fat loss
    • Confidential lifestyle questionnaire giving insight into the client’s daily life habits; any conflicts with family, work or social activities; a history of prior exercise and diet programs; medical history and current physique and health views 
    • Interview and program development interview led by Miguel to ensure the client’s commitment to the program, discuss available strategies and tools to achieve the client’s desired goals and develop a timeline to achieve set goals

    About Builtco

    A first class, state of the art facility with every amenity needed to help members achieve their fitness goals including custom built strength equipment, top of the line cardio equipment, delicious smoothie bar, healthy meals, complimentary valet and a complimentary towel service.  Miguel created Builtco to be a welcoming facility that is never crowded, equipment is well maintained and staffed by a knowledgeable and friendly team that ensures all areas and the locker rooms are cleaned and well maintained.  

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