Builtco Concierge Fitness
by Miguel Salazar Martinez

Fitness Built for you

About Me

Simply put, If you are ready to put in the effort prescribed by me, I will get you results.  My client portfolio of before and after pictures is unparalleled by any other personal trainer in Dallas.  I have multiple personal training certifications, a BA degree in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology.  I have also achieved an IFBB Pro Card in Men's Physique and have coached others to achieve top five placings in their physique competitions.  I believe in prescribing all the tools necessary for you to achieve your goals in a written program based on your current life circumstances so there is no misunderstanding on what is necessary for us to achieve what we have agreed on.

About the Program

Your concierge fitness program includes diet, workout, supplement, cardiovascular, recovery and accountability strategies built around your schedule and lifestyle to get the results you want..  Your program is created with information gathered at our initial consultation which includes a health and fitness assessment, lifestyle questionnaire, body composition testing, measurements and photos.  At the consultation we will review this information and your current health and physique while we discuss what results you want. I will be able to tell you what is required from you to achieve your results and how long it will take.  If you're willing to commit to what we discuss, we will look at scheduling and you'll receive a full written program outlying all the above with specific details regarding your diet, workouts, supplements, cardio, recovery and accountability.  

About Your Results

Once we have achieved your results, you will have learned how to continue healthy habits and enjoy not so healthy habits in moderation to maintain your new physique and health!

Contact Me

I currently have the following openings available updated as of 1/2/2019:

Monday       10am, 11am 

Tuesday       10am, 11am

Wednesday 10am, 11am

Thursday     10am, 11am

Friday          10am, 11am

9am Mon-Fri will be available starting Jan 7.

If you have additional questions or would like to book a free consultation, send me a message below or call/text me direct at the number

Miguel Salazar Martinez

5555 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75206, United States

(214) 471-3081

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