All are created equal. some are built better.



Miguel Salazar Martinez is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist born in Fort Worth, Texas. Miguel's first experiences as an entrepreneur and in philanthropy both began at the age of 13. His first entrepreneurial venture was as an independent contractor for the Temple Daily Telegram waking up at 4:30am to deliver newspapers on his bicycle to his customers by 6am. Miguel's first experience with philanthropy was volunteering at the Olin E. Teague Veteran's Center in Temple, Texas where he received special recognition for volunteering more than 300 hours in one summer. As the eldest son of two high school dropouts, Miguel's parents’ biggest ambition for him was to graduate high school. A 1987 graduate of Temple High School, Miguel had bigger ambitions and worked various jobs to put himself through college part-time until he achieved his goal of graduating college with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Psychology.  Miguel was the only paternal grandchild of eight to graduate from college and only one of three out of more than 30 maternal grandchildren to do so.   After graduation, Miguel only worked five years as a W-2 employee starting as a marketing coordinator and leaving at the top of his field at the age of 31 as the Director of Marketing and Fund Development managing all statewide efforts for Texas CASA. During those years he led awareness campaigns with First Lady Laura Bush, Actress Sheree J. Wilson and Author Dave Pelzer. Miguel also developed and managed fund development and cause marketing campaigns with Southwest Airlines, Bank of America, USAA, AT&T, Central Market, Whataburger, American Airlines and Wells Fargo. As a member of the Philanthropy in Texas committee he helped coordinate the quarterly meetings and annual award dinners and was able to build relationships with Texas' leading political, business and philanthropic leaders and families. From these relationships is where Miguel discovered his passion to make a difference in people’s lives and work with others to make the world a better place. 

Building relationships, sales and marketing were natural for him and he decided to use these skills to pursue endeavors in entrepreneurship and to help others. Miguel has owned various businesses including a mortgage franchise, health medical spa, private coaching business, two restaurants, packaged meal food line, two fitness supplement stores, three fitness clubs, and various online retail businesses. As a busy entrepreneur he would still set aside time to mentor others in starting their businesses, help sponsor various charitable events such as the Black-Tie Dinner and Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids (DIFFA) and compete in bodybuilding ultimately achieving his status as an IFBB Pro Athlete in men's physique. In 2019, Martinez sold the last of his brick and mortar assets and interests as he prepared to turn 50 years old and wanted the freedom to pursue different ventures of helping others.  

Currently, Miguel continues to coach holistic health practices in corporate and private wellness programs while writing his first book based on the proven fitness principles he developed to help transform hundreds of clients at his fitness clubs. Miguel also has plans to launch an organic Tequila brand in honor of his late father and a PRP/HRT age management clinic for men. Miguel plans to continue his passion for philanthropy and start exploring opportunities to enter politics by age 60.  Prior to entering politics, Miguel plans to write a book about his philosophy and principles regarding healthcare, education, immigration, economics, international relations, climate change, philanthropy, religion and human rights.  This book will serve as his platform and launch into politics.  

Miguel states, “There is no end goal for me. I want to continue to feel the adrenaline of fulfilling my purpose, learning, improving and becoming stronger each day until I pass on to the next life. When that day comes, I want to feel that everything and everyone I’ve been involved with in this life became better and I lived doing what I enjoyed and was passionate about.” 

Miguel currently resides in Dallas with his life partner Cesar and their two rescue dogs, Bandit and Barkley.