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I was once like you so don't be intimidated by me or the process. The important thing is I can get you results in a timely manner if you are ready to put in the effort prescribed by me. I also have the experience to empathize with clients in many different situations because I was once like you.  I had used trainers for 14 years without achieving the results I wanted so I took matters into my own hands after selling my mortgage company in 2007. I took classes (back then we had to go to class to get certified, not fast, online tests like anybody can take today) to get my certification and began the process of changing my physique.  My friends and family saw me changing and asked for helped and as their physiques were changing, people friends and coworkers started asking them what they were doing and that was the start of what became my next entrepreneurial adventure and the successful new business and brand, Builtco.  As a former client, I have been in your shoes and I won't waste your time or money.  And because as a client, you become a part my brand, I'll do everything I can to help make sure you're successful in reaching your goals.  I can also empathize with busy professionals as I am an entrepreneur myself and can relate to the challenge of getting fit and balancing different priorities.  I am 50 years of age and I don't let age become an excuse to not get results but if you have injuries or limitations, I know how to work around those to help you achieve your goals.  My client portfolio is made up of people from all over the world with different lifestyles and cultures and include entrepreneurs, C-level executives, entertainment celebrities, athletes, doctors, lawyers, parents, retirees and others who have busy lifestyles and high expectations.  My portfolio of before and after pictures is unparalleled by any other fitness professional and my program consistently gets results.  I have multiple personal training certifications, a BA degree in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology.  I have also achieved an IFBB Pro Card in Men's Physique and I have coached others to achieve top five placings in their physique competitions.  As your coach I will prescribe all the tools necessary for you to achieve the goals you want in a clear, written program based on your current life circumstances so there is no misunderstanding on what is necessary to achieve what you want and what we have agreed on.

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About the Program

Your program includes diet, workout, supplement, cardiovascular, recovery and accountability strategies built around your schedule and lifestyle to get the results you want.  Your program is created with information gathered at the initial consultation which includes a health and fitness assessment, lifestyle questionnaire, body composition testing, measurements and photos.  At the consultation we will review this information, talk about your current health and physique and discuss what results you want. I will be able to tell you what is required from you to achieve your results and the time commitment it will take to get there.  If you're willing to commit to what we discuss, then we'll settle on a start date and you'll receive a full written program outlying all the above with specific and clear details regarding your diet, workouts, supplements, cardio, recovery and accountability.  

About Your Results

Once we have achieved your results, you will have learned how to manage your new physique with proper strategies and healthy habits while also learning to enjoy a balance of not so healthy habits in moderation.  I can guarantee if you follow my program you will get successful results and be able to maintain them!

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Miguel Salazar Martinez

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